Home Buying Process

I. The Home Selection Process

1. Get Pre-qualified from your Lender of choice. (Nothing frustrates you more than finding and

falling in love with the ‘Perfect Home’, only to find out you can’t quite afford it.)

2. Get familiar with the area via any means available. Determine ahead of time:

  • What areas you would be comfortable living in.
  • Do I need to be close to work?
  • Do I want to live in a sub-division?
  • What home features are mandatory?
  • What additional home features are on my ‘Wish List’?

3. Call me to set up an appointment at my office.

  • Bring the pre-approval letter with you.
  • There is paperwork that must be filled out prior to viewing any homes.
  • We will review your desired areas of preference.
  • I will add you to the MLS Search Notification system, and input your detailed search criteria.
  • We will review and narrow down the homes that you would like to see.

4. We will determine a day(s) to view the homes and I’ll set up the appointments.

5. We view the homes and critique each one before leaving. (NOTE: Bring a camera if you’d like…it helps remember each home’s features.)

6. We found the home. Let’s make an Offer!

  • I’ll do a CMA on the home to help determine its value.
  • We come up with a valid offering price and Earnest money amount.
  • Uh Oh! More paperwork.
  • You write a check for the Ernest money.
  • I’ll present the offer to the Listing Agent.
  • We wait.

II. The Home Closing Process

1. We hear from the Listing Agent.

  • Our offer was accepted! – continue to Step 2
  • We receive a Counter-offer.
  • We accept the Counteroffer – continue to Step 2
  • We counter the Counteroffer – we return to Step 1
  • Our offer was rejected with no counteroffer.
  • We create and submit a new offer – we return to Step 1
  • We return to Step 4 of the Home Selection Process

2. We schedule Termite and Home Inspections.

  • We negotiate repairs and/or treatments.
  • Acceptable – continue to Step 3
  • Unacceptable – We withdraw/void the contract and return to the Home Selection Process

3. We contact your Financial Institution.

  • They run a Credit Report.
  • They schedule an appraisal.
  • They arrange for Underwriting (if needed).

4. We arrange the needed Homeowners Insurance.

5. We contact Title and Escrow and schedule the Closing.

  • Perform a Title Search.
  • Preform on Escrow Instructions.

6. We conduct a final walkthrough prior to the Closing.

7. We fund.

8. I review the Closing Statement from Escrow.

9. Once it records We have a Closing.

  • You now own a new Home!
  • It’s time to move!

To download the PDF click on the following link: BUYING PROCESS